Document Scanning

We are a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) compliant document scanning service provider.

No matter the size, type or volume of your documents, our trained technicians will securely and accurately convert your documents into digital images for easy and secure access.

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Data Conversion

If you are like most organizations, you most likely have data in half a dozen or so formats. Be it in paper format, excel files, word documents, e-mail, powerpoint, images, TXT, PDF, XML, etc.

Our data conversion services will offer you a way to get all of your information in one format, e.g. in pdf format.

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Forms Processing

We can capture information entered into data fields on paper forms and convert it into an electronic format for usability and manipulation.

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Digitally preserving ancient documents

One of our passions is preserving and making available delicate, old documents in digital format. Some old documents are very delicate and irreplaceable.

Our technicians are trained to gently handle these documents knowing how invaluable they are. We scan these documents and preserve their aged look and feel even in digital format.

We have scanned invaluable collection of digital texts that span more than 1,300 years and include philosophical and religious treatises, biographies, as well as works on alchemy, art, astrology, astronomy, folk culture, geography, grammar, history, poetry, and traditional medicine.


Delicate Documents Scanning

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