General Documents Corporation provides cost effective document scanning and imaging services. We are a small business and can customize our services to meet your organization’s needs. From document scanning to data extraction and forms processing, you can count on us. We can be your partner in implementing your Document Management System (DMS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), even Microsoft SharePoint.It is never too early or too late to implement a document management system (or go paperless). You are never too small either. An individual or organization with just one cabinet of documents can start implementing a DMS at very little cost but with great returns and efficiency.

Today’s imaging solutions can capture data from paper records to automate business processes and can make information instantly accessible to users wherever they work. Document imaging reduces costs and improves risk management and regulatory compliance.

Give us a call today at (301) 246-0005. However small or big your project is, we are confident you will find us to be a valuable partner.