About Us

Our Story

Since 2008, we have scanned over 38,000,000 images and counting. Our company started when working on what we thought was a one time project for the Department of the Navy, but we have gone on to handle many challenging projects since, both big and small.

General Documents Corporation provides document scanning services, electronic archiving, data capture and custom document management solutions.

We have a wealth of experience in the document scanning and document management industry, completing many high profile projects. These have helped many organizations save thousands each year on the management of their stored documents.

Our large portfolio of clients include State and Local Government Departments, Law Firms, Engineering and Construction companies, Universities, Physicians and Medical Offices, and many more small to large organizations.

Meet the Team

Our passion for digitization grew from frustration with managing and accessing the ever increasing paper documents.

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Founder & CEO

Joel is an IT professional and accountant. He has extensive experience in both government and corporate sectors. His passion for records digitization and preservation developed when he was working on a  project for the US Navy in the 1990’s while in college.

After graduation, he embarked on a paperless office drive at his new employer, a Washington, DC based CPA firm. Ever since, he has continued his passion for digitization and document preservation.

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Co-founder & Vice President

An engineer by training, Pankaj has worked with teams that have designed some of the most beautiful landmarks in the Washington, DC area, Atlanta and New York, including Dulles Airport, Reagan National Airport, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Nationals Park and various federal and state buildings.

His passion for digitization grew from his frustration with accessing drawings while in the field and the pile that was growing in the office. He introduced wide format scanning, conversion and digitization to the portfolio of our services.

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CIO & Operations Manager

A veteran of the Navy, Sandra is one of the hardest working women around.  She worked 48 hours straight to help a law firm digitize documents for e-discovery. 37 boxes and over 103,000 images were scanned and OCR’d in 2 days. The client couldn’t be any more grateful.

Sandra is in charge of production and overall management. She is also responsible for security and compliance.