About Us

General Documents Corporation provides document scanning services, electronic archiving, data capture and custom document management solutions.

We have a wealth of experience in the document scanning and document management industry, completing many high profile projects. These have helped many organizations save thousands each year on the management of their stored documents.

Our large portfolio of clients include State and Local Government Departments, Law Firms, Engineering and Construction companies, Universities, Physicians and Medical Offices, and many more small to large organizations.

Document Scanning & Document Management Services

Our document scanning bureau is a growing archiving service provider in the Washington, DC Metro area. It is fully equipped with the state of the art digital archiving technology. We are proud owners of some of the most advanced document scanners and scanning software available on the market today. This allows us to offer our clients the best scanning services we possibly can. We also offer a free, no obligation sampling service so that you can verify a sample quality of our scan and conversion work and also view the service first hand before deciding to embark on the full process.

Other major benefits of Document Archiving include:

  • Locate any scanned document within seconds using a keyword search, reference number, name or date search
  • A study shows administration staff spend around 30% of their time organizing documents. This costs the company 30% of their salary
  • Reduce the space taken up by filing cabinets and document storage units
  • Documents can be distributed between staff at different locations and valuable time saved on file searching
  • Management can review and authorize any documents while they are in or away from the office
  • It is a guaranteed return on investment and is now widely considered a saving rather than a cost

Scanning Services On-Site

Our unique on-site scanning and document management service is usually required by those clients who cannot remove business documents from their premises for legal and compliance reasons or for other security or immediate accessibility reasons. Therefore you may require us to visit your premises to carry out the work without removing any of the confidential documents from the office.

With the client’s full consultation we can setup a mini scan bureau and manage the entire project from the work place. We dedicate our team of experienced operators who work on the document preparation, scan process, document indexing and conversion tasks. We put our efforts into ensuring that the transition from the hard copy conversion to digital format seamlessly integrates with your timescales, operations and day to day processes.