GDC Scanning

Document Scanning

Document scanning reduces paper, improves efficiency, and automates processes throughout your organization. No matter the size, type or volume, our HIPAA trained technicians securely and accurately convert your documents into digital images for easy and secure access.

We can further process your documents by indexing them or by using zonal OCR. Otherwise we can name your folders and files as you have them in your cabinets. This way you can find them using explorer.

GDC Data Conversion

Data Conversion

If you are like most organizations, you most likely have data in half a dozen or so formats. Be it in paper format, excel files, word documents, e-mail, powerpoint, images, TXT, PDF, XML, etc.

Data conversion is the act of converting one type of data format into a new format of digital data, all within the required structure and coding that you need. Conversion of data is a must for every company, as data now comes in several types of formats. All these formats are often a messy “pile” of information that needs to be put into one form. Otherwise each user would need to have the application that data was created and saved in to be able to use it.

Our data conversion services will offer you a way to get all of your information in one format, e.g. in pdf format.

GDC Forms Processing

Form Processing

Forms processing is a process where we capture information entered into data fields on paper forms and convert it into an electronic format. This can be done manually or automatically, but the general process is that hard copy data is filled out by humans and then “captured” from their respective fields and entered into a database or other electronic format.

Form Processing is a very expensive and time consuming task when done manually. It involves form design, data capture,handwritten information recognition, human intervention, transport, and storage. Various types of form processing services include insurance claim forms, survey/market research forms, accounts/tax forms, resume processing, legal forms, e-mail forms, online forms, invoices/purchase orders, membership application forms, immigration forms, and questionnaires.

We have excellent infrastructure, equipment and skills to make this process as easy and as accurate as possible.

GDC Old Document4

We can help with rare text preservation on-site

Some of our jobs include preserving rare documents digitally. Our work has included scanning Burmese and Thai manuscripts, including Burmese language manuscripts, Thai language manuscripts, Burmese Pali manuscripts, and Thai Pali manuscripts.

We see it as cultural memory and heritage preservation because these works are very significant, and as Buddhism moves into new languages in the US and the West, and even as it migrates throughout Asia, having access to the source texts to validate translations is a very stabilizing factor.

Achieve a near paperless office

For years, we’ve heard of a digital revolution with a paperless office. The reality; we’ll still deal in paper for the foreseeable future. But don’t be buried in it.

Draw from our expertise. We can help you design a document workflow and management system that will greatly improve on your current practices.

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